Our simple, sturdy designs provides a perfect pathway for plants and vines. Your plants will never need to be removed for painting!
2' wide x 6' high--2' legs for in ground installation(may be cut)

Fan Trellis
Sqaure RR Trellis
Square 1 3/8 Trellis
Lattice Trellis

All styles are 90" high, with a 48" wide walkway and a 34" depth. Available with bench on each side.

Pricing (add 10% for tan color)


Anondale Arbor
Anondale Arbor w/Benches
Orleans Arbor w/lattice at top, verticals at bottom
Orleans Arbor w/Benches
Grand Isle Arbor w/ lattice sides
Grand Isle Arbor w/Benches

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